Did you purchase from a local retailer?  We can pick it up, deliver it to your home and safely place it in your room of choice.  Some assembly required?  No problem for us, and you won’t have the worries of trying to figure out where that leftover hardware should have gone.  Plus it’s built and tested to manufacturer specifications.  We can provide total repair services whether it’s through a warranty company or directly billed to you.  Moving?  Do you trust the movers to disassemble complex equipment and be capable of reassembling and testing it?  Most conscientious movers will recommend that you contract directly with us for the items we specialize in.  They’re movers, not service technicians.  How about regular preventive maintenance to keep your equipment in like new condition?  For a small investment in maintenance your equipment can last up to twice as long as a machine that is not regularly maintained. Click Here for Fitness or Click Here for Recreational equipment.