Did you purchase from a local retailer?  We can pick it up, deliver it to your place of business and safely place it in your room of choice.  Some assembly required?  No problem for us, and you won’t have the worries of trying to figure out where that leftover hardware should have gone.  Plus it’s built and tested to manufacturer specifications.  We can provide total repair services whether it’s through a warranty company or directly billed to you. 

How about regular preventive maintenance to keep your equipment in like new condition?  For a small investment in maintenance your equipment can last up to twice as long as a machine that is not regularly maintained.  Click Here for more information. 

We’ve performed hundreds of store resets and POP placement that vary from outdoor wooden play sets at a Sam’s Club or BJ’s to Escalade in ground basketball displays at Dick’s Sporting Goods.  Whether it’s a one item reset or a large display footprint we have the experience to meet your deadline and ensure a quality build.

Large Scale Furniture and Logistics?  Been there, done that.  And successfully I might add which is saying quite a lot for this service.  If you’re the provider of the RTA furniture or the owner or developer of a large housing complex you’ve already experienced the problems associated with getting the furniture in after a CO but before residents begin moving in.  Very tough to accomplish but we’re experts at strategic logistical planning and execution.  From projects in Iowa to NC to Florida we’ve proven we can get the job done.   

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